WFH is here to stay! Whether you are on a $1000 budget or simply need a few extra ergonomic tips, we are here to support your personalized journeys towards home office success. In a normal office setting, every aspect of the workspace is set up before you arrive, but with WFH, you have the power to tell your own story while designing your ergonomic office space! Every individual’s preferences on style and ergonomic focus differ, but the concept remains the same: your home office can always improve in some way, shape, or form. Let’s dive into what your unique secret may be so we can create an amazing home office for you. Here are three common mistakes that are made when setting up a home office: 

1. Cramming your workspace!
We often overlook the importance of keeping our workstation clean, tidy, and organized to maximize our productivity. As we are over a year into WFH, it’s time to move on from our temporary setup and build a permanent workspace for years to come! Use organizational tools to keep your important documents in order and most importantly, give yourself some space to breathe! Dedicate your home office for efficiency while remembering that everyone’s home office journey differs, so make your office truly feel like your creation! 

2. Uncomfortable Equipment 
It’s 5:00 PM, the working day is coming to a close when suddenly, your back is aching again after you finally stand up. The average American sits for almost 10 hours every day. It’s time to bring our ergonomic tips to life! An essential aspect of your home office design is to ensure that you are comfortable. With our ergonomic office chair, we can revamp your home office to fit your personalized needs. 

3. Lack of lighting 
During WFH, there’s no reason to not utilize natural light! If possible, structure your workspace close to a window. Yes, this seems like a subtle change that many believe won’t make a significant difference when it’s the opposite! Sunshine and natural light have been proven to potentially improve your attitude and significantly increase your productivity. Bring the outdoors to your home office!  

We want to work with you to focus on your needs. Connect with us for specialized home office consultation and take the first step in your WFH journey by finding your personal necessities through our 90-second quiz.