At OfficeTailor, we take pride in our customer experience efforts. Rather than rushing through the process, we want to work with you to ensure that you, one of our valued customers, leave satisfied and most importantly continue on your personalized journey towards making your dream home office a reality! With WFH not going anywhere, it is time for us all to adapt and adjust in the long run rather than thinking of this period as temporary. Now, many may be thinking that while employees want to remain at home, this is virtually irrelevant due to U.S. companies wanting to go back into the office 5-days a week ASAP. Wrong! 56% of companies are likely to increase remote work levels while an additional 26% of companies understand that their employees often prefer WFH and will maintain a hybrid schedule, at a minimum. This demand makes home office personalization a necessity and we are here to make this often stressful process, easy and enjoyable!

Going to a retail store has its own conveniences, especially in today’s age where digitalization is advancing at a historic rate. With online marketplaces, this can also be overwhelming as there are a ridiculous number of options when surfing through Amazon or Wayfair. Therefore, it’s often extremely difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. Here at OfficeTailor, we offer solutions to these ineffective processes. While truly cherishing each individual, we want to ensure you can quickly and efficiently find what works best for you! Personalization is key, especially since the average American spends about 40 hours a week at the workstation. Let’s work together to find the solutions to your workspace in no time as WFH solidifies itself in the U.S. for the foreseeable future.

There is no one ideal home office. Everyone has their own personalized needs, and that goes for all aspects of life! When you are building your office, you are free to personalize it in any way that you want. Keep in mind, as you adapt the room to your style, prioritize productivity, ergonomics, and your overall wellbeing! Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have spent all day at home making it even more important to make your workstation and home office truly feel like home. This is where we step in! Through the personalized approach when it comes to building a home, we offer a number of services tailored to your needs:

1. Interior Design Consultation 
With our free consultation, one of our interior design experts will work alongside you to find the right product that best fits your needs. Often, you may get stuck throughout the online marketplaces. Here at OfficeTailor, our 24/7 support works to build a plan for you and ensure that we can answer any questions that arise as we build your dream home office! 

2. Personalized quiz tailored to your needs! 
With a short, stress-free quiz, let’s take the time to understand what your preferences truly are! Based on your personalized answers, we will recommend a set of products that will efficiently lead you to your area of interest. We want to ensure that your experience at OfficeTailor is perfect, fast, and on-time! 

3. Your one-stop page for inspiration! 
Not exactly sure what would best work for you? No worries! With our dedicated page focused on inspiration, view pictures of our products set up in different combinations to make the process easier for you! As you observe, visualize how the products look together and think about what would work best in your home office! 


4. Augmented Reality Models 
With Augmented Reality, we help you make a better-informed decision on your purchase. Augmented Reality models allow you to visualize your product in your home directly through your phone! This allows you to understand how our various products fit within the expected design of your home office before the purchase is made. 

Each of these services offers the opportunity to find the right product for you at no charge! Not only will you be able to optimize your productivity during WFH, but we will work hard to make your decision-making process easy while simultaneously aligning your personalized design with your home. The combination of our top-quality products, free shipping and returns store-wide, and 24/7 customer service ensures that your experience will run smoothly. Keep an eye out for updates as to how you can keep improving your productivity as we continue our WFH journey together!