With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing companies across countless industries to adjust to a remote work environment, there is no doubt that WFH is here to stay. While we would all love to simply work from our couch, the idea surrounds a healthy contrast between comfort and productivity while optimizing our concentration levels throughout the day. While there are hundreds of thousands of chairs ask desk out there, you don’t have to spend an excessive amount of money when you have products that align with your personalized needs. With 25% of U.S. companies providing a stipend of an average of $1,000 for the sole reason of improving their employees home offices, let’s revamp your inexpensive home office together with these two products: 

1. The Adjustable Standing Desk 
An adjustable standing desk increases your productivity for three reasons: Focus improvement, boosting brain power, and reducing discomfort levels. By simply standing for 10 minutes (at minimum) per day, your focus at work will significantly improve! In fact, 71% of employees who increased their standing time by one hour each day reported feeling more focused. Within a home office, studies have shown that more daily movement is directly correlated to improved concentration. The act of sitting puts added pressure on one’s spine. To reduce these discomforts, dedicate 20 minutes of your day to utilizing a standing desk to its utmost potential! With these productivity levels in mind, standing desks have specific features that tremendously enhance your day-to-day routine. Features such as an electric height adjustment, telescopic legs, and a simple 2 button control panel make for an efficient balance between sitting and standing throughout your long workdays! And of course, organization is key. With integrated cable management, standing desks are often able to hide all cables and cords so you can focus on maximizing your productivity and concentration levels. 

2. The Modern Mesh Chair 
Of course, we cannot remain standing for the entire workday. During the time that we are sitting, Americans often disregard the importance of the chair at their desks. A mesh chair can improve your productivity just as significantly as a standing desk for these particular reasons: Posture support, adjustability, and reduced pain, especially in the lower back. With normal chairs that lack basic ergonomic features such as a mesh back, you will realize that you may often lean forward. With the full-length design of an ergonomic chair, your posture and flexibility will simultaneously improve, thus allowing you to focus on the tasks at hand. Mesh and ergonomic chairs work towards your personalized needs with their adjustability features. With aspects such as a tilt tension control knob and pneumatic seat height adjustment, this allows employees such as yourself to remained focused while also being comfortable. As we often sit for long periods of time, lower back pain affects 31 million Americans at any given time. With a mesh back, air freely circulates, keeping you cooler as you work. Features such as lumbar support are truly exceptional as it acts as a relief for back pain. Lumbar support provides extra support to the lumbar region, which is another term for the lower back. The lower back is already prone to injury due to the fact that we use it indirectly nearly every second of the day. With unnecessary pressure on the lower back as we sit, lumbar support is an absolute necessity! Keep an eye out for this feature as you search for your long-lasting ergonomic chair. 

Never sacrifice your health! With the remote environment we have all become accustomed to since 2020, office ergonomics has become more than ever. By investing in your health early, your future self is thanking you already! Take the knowledge you have gained throughout this article and personalize it to your life with our Electric Stand-Up Desk and Modern Mesh Chair. Not only will these immediately transform your workstation for years to come, but the minimalistic design will also fit your personalized office space needs and optimize your productivity across all aspects of life!