Since March 2020, times have been unsettling, to say the least. However, life goes on, so how can we sustain and even increase our productivity levels? Music! The effect of background music often goes overlooked, however, studies have shown a direct correlation to increased productivity and concentration levels. Listening to music has proven to assist in anxiety management, motivation to stay productive, and ultimately has led to success in the workplace. As your mood brightens from the music you choose to listen to, the distractions around her seem to subside for the time being. However, as with every aspect of the workforce, there is a time and place for everything. Consider listening to music in noisy areas and while performing repetitive tasks. On the other hand, completely avoid music while undergoing trainings, performing learning or crative tasks, as well as during meetings and conference calls.  

But, of course, you need the right playlist! When choosing the music that works for you, lyrics can often be a distraction. It can be very hard to concentrate when people are talking, so consider listening to these two types of background music:

1. Classical Music 
While listening to classical music, the soothing aspects of instrumental harmony can often help with concentration and visualization of a relaxing setting. Here is an exemplary playlist by Maestro Music that you may consider when thinking about classical tunes! 

2. Lo-Fi 
Now, Lo-Fi is a relatively new type of music that has been around since the 1980s. In itself, it stands for ‘low fidelity’ and contains a beautiful and basic DIY-type approach that has been found to improve productivity and focus. In one particular study, 86% of Lo-Fi listeners felt as if their working habits increased significantly simply by listening to the music itself. Take a look at one particular playlist that we have used here at OfficeTailor to boost our productivity!

Now, while this may not work for everyone, that is okay! At OfficeTailor, we understand everyone is different and must personalize their needs especially when it comes to WFH. Give it a go and let us know how it goes!