While WFH is the new normal for most of us, we must adjust and adapt while making a valiant effort to ensure that our health and wellness is our top priority. Incorporate these health habits below to make your work-life balance sustainable while remaining close to our friends and family! 

1. Schedule daily exercise.
While we all know of the physical benefits associated with daily exercise, it also improves mental health. Just a 15-minute run each day reduces the risk of depression by 26%, so get out there and move! Of course, we are all extremely busy. Simply pacing during phone calls or clearing your mind with our FlexCycle Exercise Bike will transform your weekdays!  

2. Personalize your workspace.
Ergonomics is magic! Paint the walls your favorite colors, stay organized, and most importantly, be comfortable! WFH gives us all endless possibilities to ensure that your office design represents you! Don’t know what’s best for you? Take a 90-second quiz to point you in the right directio\

3. Develop a morning routine. And stick to it!
By developed a morning routine, you can ensure that important deadlines are met, productivity is at your best, and allows you to begin your day with confidence and peace! Be your own leader by personalizing your routine to your own needs and work schedule, allowing yourself to start each and every day with positivity. Don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep and let your eyes relax with the Oculax Eye Massager!  

4. Open a window!
The average American spends 90% of their time indoors where the air is often 5 times more polluted than the outdoors. By simply opening a window for a few hours a day, you can establish healthier habits throughout the workday. Plus, nothing beats that burst of fresh air! 

5. Everyone needs breaks!
Last, but most certainly not least, take a break! Everyone needs two to three-minute breaks throughout their day. Develop a plan YOU can still to and maintain on a weekly basis. Don’t know how to make the best use of these three-minute breaks? With the Relaxify Foot Massager, you can quickly reduce stress, manage chronic pain, and get instant relief.